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1:World Pilot Program

1:World initiative- (a technology device for each student, i.e. iPads) based on the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) model beginning with a grade 5 pilot.

The 1:World initiative has been developed as part of our next 3-year Technology Plan.....for this initiative we have chosen to work with iPads.  The 5th Grade team has volunteered to be the pilot group for this initiative.  It is our plan that we expand this program 5-12 within the next 3 years.

For the 14-15 school year along with the 5th Grade iPads we are also deploying 3 iPad carts at the Bromfield School.  One cart will be for the 6th Grade team, one for the 7th Grade team, and one for Guidance/English/General Use.  Each cart will house 25 iPads.

.....We are in the process of receiving all of our equipment.
 Our Carts have arrived:  
 Delivery Truck  iPad Carts in their shipping packages
 Our iPads have arrived

 Letty is taking inventory and affixing asset tags

 iPads ready for Bromfield Staff deployment