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How to Add Funds to a Student Lunch Account

Payment Options for School Lunch Meals

Dear Parents,

There are three payment options for school meals: online, personal check and cash.

Payment online: register at A user profile may be created by clicking on the Sign Up Today button on the home page using your child’s name, birthdate or student ID. You can set up automatic recurring payments, review meal history, and create low balance alerts. Funds may be added anytime to your student’s account using Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards. Note that there is a service fee of $1.95 for each transaction.

Payment by personal check: please make your check payable to the Harvard School Lunch Program. You may mail or deliver the check to either Hildreth Elementary or the Bromfield School main offices or cafeterias. For your convenience you may use one check to pay for any number of children in your family using the memo line to clarify the dollar amount to be deposited in each child’s account. Note that there is no service fee for this direct payment.

Payment by cash: you or your child may deposit cash into their account at any of the cafeteria registers.

Just so you know…

Once funds are deposited into a student account it may not be withdrawn in cash.

Notes may be added to the student home page for allergies or restrictions at the parent’s request. Please email your request to Kevin Welch [email protected] 

We NEVER refuse or substitute an inferior lunch to any student regardless of how much that student may owe. We will give gentle reminders to students whose accounts are in arrears until the amount owed exceeds $50.00. Thereafter we will contact the parents directly via email or phone.

Please contact me at [email protected]  with any questions or comments.