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FY24 School Budget Book (pdf)

FY23 Budget 

ESSER III grant of $488,342 

ESSER III grant -pdf document

ESSER III - Federal COVID relief funds
Harvard Public Schools
Tents Outdoor learning areas/eating, mask breaks 72,000
Adjustment Counselor (Yr1, Yr2) Social/Emotional and Mental Health support 140,000
Middle School Health Teacher (Yr2) Social/Emotional and Mental Health support 72,000
0.5 Tech Assistant (Yr 1, Yr 2) Technology support 30,000
Custodian/Groundskeeper (Yr1, Yr2) Safe and clean learning environment 75,262
2 part-time Food Service staff (1 Yr) Assist in cafeteria w/social distancing and lunch support 30,000
Benefits/Retirement Required by grant 69,080