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School Year 2024-2025 Budget Process

The Harvard Public Schools annual budget request for FY25 strives to align our financial expenditures with our Vision Statement, District Improvement Plan, and School Improvement Plans. These foundational documents chart our course towards sustained progress and excellence in education. Our commitment to this strategic approach has positioned our district as a high-performing school system, consistently attracting families seeking top-tier education for their children.

FY25 School Department Budget (School Committee recommended)

FY25 Budget Hearing (video)

FY25 Budget Hearing Slides 3/4/24

FY25 School Budget Spreadsheet

FY25 Budget Book (updated)

State of the Schools Presentation3/27/24.pdf

State of the Schools Superintendent's Address 3/27/24 (video)

The School Department’s budgeting process commenced with a comprehensive review of our goals, employing a zero-based budgeting approach. Teachers actively participated by articulating their needs for curriculum materials and supplies, fostering a collaborative environment within departments and grades. School principals reviewed and aligned the funding decisions with their School Improvement Plans. Other key cost center managers, such as those overseeing facilities, pupil services, and technology, contributed their expertise alongside stakeholder input. The resulting budgets were refined through a series of reviews, including a second-level assessment with the Director of Finance/Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and the School Committee Budget Sub-committee in public meetings open to community members. The preliminary FY25 budget was presented at a public meeting of the full School Committee in November 2023.The full School Committee engaged in insightful discussions and posed questions, ensuring a thorough understanding of each cost center's financial requests. This transparent dialogue fostered collaboration and highlighted how budget allocations align with our strategic plan. Recognizing the need for fiscal responsibility, the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, in collaboration with cost center managers, made difficult recommendations to further reduce the budget by $243,737 before it was sent to the Harvard Finance Committee for review.  In March 2024, the School Committee further refined their recommendation to align with the FY25 budget options presented to the Harvard voters at the April 6 Town Meeting and April 9 Town Election.

Previous fiscal year budgets:

FY24 School Budget Book (pdf)

FY23 Budget (pdf)