Pupil Services

Red Raven Purple Table Reservation
Going out to a restaurant can be a challenging experience when you have a family member with a disability.  Red Raven Restaurants offer a quieter spot, a little extra patience, and a little more love from your server when you make a Purple Table Reservation.  For more information contact Jenifer (Jen@RedRavenActon.com).

 AMC Theatres now offers "Sensory Friendly" film presentations for children with autism or other disabilities. Lights will be up and sound will be lowered.  Get more information on this and other film offerings at the following site-- www.amctheatres.com/programs/sensory-friendly films.  

Welcome to the
HPS Pupil Services Department

Harrington, Ph.D.
Director of Pupil Services

"Minimize the impact of the disability,
Maximize the opportunities to participate."