Anime/Manga Club

The Anime/Manga Club is meeting once again every Tuesday after school in Room 199.

Teacher Advisor: Mrs. Harris
Student Leader(s): 
Meeting Time: 

The Beacon

The Beacon is the High school yearbook. This club works the entire year to create the yearbook that is available at the conclusion of the year.Students choose sections they would like to work on and are assigned tasks to produce the final product. Meeting times vary depending on the section you are working on.

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Murphy
Student Leader(s):
Meeting Time:

Bromfield Cares

To help those in need by volunteering, raising awareness, and fundraising to address issues in our community and beyond. Bromfield Cares creates an environment where high school students can make a difference in people's lives in their community. As a flexible club, we always keep an open mind to new ideas and service opportunities.Overall, our club is the means by which we, as students, can get involved with our communities and make a difference that could last a lifetime!

Teacher Advisor: Mrs. Nilan
Meeting Time: Early Release Days at 12:15 in Room 285

Bromfield Robotics

Do you like innovative thinking? Do you like problem-solving? Would you like to help design and build a functioning robot? The Bromfield Robotics Team is the place for you! Our team consists of Bromfield students of all ages who share a love for robotics. We participate in robotics competitions throughout the year, constantly modifying and improving our robot. We give students an opportunity to learn about technology and share what they learn with the community. So come to robotics; engineer the future!

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Lavigne
Student Leader(s): Michelle Jiang, Jeffrey Young
Meeting Time: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays after school in Mr. Lavigne's room

Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Business Professionals of America is a national career and technical student organization composed of state associations and local chapters serving members pursuing careers in business and information technology occupations. BPA provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, grow personally and professionally, and compete utilizing career related competencies. Involvement in Business Professionals of America enhances social awareness, civic responsibility, and business communication skills.There are three conferences a year including a one day Fall Leadership Conference which focuses on leadership skill building and a 3 day State Leadership Conference in Framingham, MA which focuses on leadership skills, community service, and competitions. If students qualify, they can also attend the National Leadership Conference, which is typically 5 days in a different location around the country from year to year. At this conference, students compete against students from all across the country as well as participate in a Day of Service and leadership training. In addition to competition and leadership skill building, this club has numerous opportunities for special recognition awards, state and national level contests, as well as internships at both the state and national level. 

Teacher Advisor: Kristin McManus
Meeting Time: Most Tuesdays at 7:15 AM in Room 393 (in the library)

Drama Society

The Bromfield Drama Society is for students grades 9-12. Members can participate in any of the theatre departments three shows a year. The fall production which takes place in early December, gives an opportunity to be a part of a large, whole school cast, and work with a vocal coach and choreographer. The winter show, is taken to the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Drama Festival and competes against hundreds of other Massachusetts high schools. And then there's our spring show, which is a smaller play that features high school students. Students also have opportunities to work on the technical aspect of theatre including set, lights, sound and costume design. 

Director: Ms. Brooks

Economics Club

A club that discusses current economic events and their effect on financial markets. We examine market trends and how fundamental and technical analysis can predict future stock performance. We test our theories by running investing contests. 

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Lynde
Student Leader(s): Cole Stecyk
Meeting Time: Mondays, 7:15 a.m. in the Library

FIlm Club

Do you like community? Do you like talking about movies? Join Film Club, a club that breaks down and discusses films. Join the Film Club community!

Teacher Advisor: Mrs. Burton
Student Leader(s): Maximilian Vanderwerf and Stephen Scarano
Meeting Time: Thursday, 7:00 a.m. in room #279


Gay Straight Alliance

This group is for anyone in grade 6 though 12. The Gay StraightAlliance is a group formed to promote tolerance and love for everyone,no matter what gender or sexuality. We like to discuss new controversial topics/laws/rules that have to do with the endangerment of human rights and the media's new acceptance that society has for bisexuals, gays, and transgenders. The Gay StraightAlliance also includes field trips including trips to Boston for plays,shows, and marches.The dates for meetings change a lot because we want to make sure as many members as possible can attend! The board outside the second entrance to the lunch room displays the dates for these meetings and also current events happening everyday. Food is usually provided at meetings!

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Doherty
Student Leader(s):
Meeting Time:

Green Team

The Green Team strives to make Bromfield a "Greener Place" through promoting a variety of activities including the Blackout Day and other awareness activities. The Green Team promotes the 3r's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Mattie and Mr. Clarke
Student Leader(s):
Meeting Time:Tuesdays 7:15am

Middle School Drama Club

The Middle School Drama Club is for students in grades 6-8. All members can participate in the fall musical which takes place in mid-November, and includes working with a live orchestra, vocal coach, andChoreographer. This all-inclusive show gives the opportunity to be apart of a large cast. The Spring show (grades 7 - 9), is taken to theMassachusetts Educational Theater Guild Middle School Drama Festival and competes against other Massachusetts middle schools.

Advisor:  Beth Drummey

Model UN

In Model UN, students take on the roles of ambassadors from the UN member states to debate current issues on the organization's agenda.Through Model UN, students gain a global perspective, as international cooperation becomes the key tool to any successful resolution.

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Mattie
Meeting Time: Wednesdays 7:00am
Student Leader(s): Emily Erdos

National Art Honor Society

The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Brooks
Meeting Time:Tuesday Morning, 7:15, Room #355 

National Honor Society

Current NHS Members
NHS By-Laws
NHS Term Service Hour Form
Key Dates and Requirements
Leadership Project Proposal
Leadership Project Reflection
List of Members

NHS Candidate Selection
Application Update
Selection Process and Criteria

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Murphy Student Leader(s):

Peer Tutoring

The Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program aims to provide a beneficial academic experience for all interested student participants. Through this program, students who request extracurricular academic help are matched with a volunteer student tutor who will help them to meet their individual goals.

Email Bromfield Tutoring at
Student Leader(s):

Photography Club

The Photography Club meets every Wednesday after school in Room 198.

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Hoorneman
Meeting Time: 2:30

The Review

The Bromfield Review is the high school literary and art club that publishes students' work at the end of every year, including short stories,essays, poetry, photographs and drawings from any student who wishes to submit their work. Members of the Review also coordinate the CoffeeHouse, which showcases not only students reading their works a loud, but live acts including music and at times stand-up comedy. A popular function for teachers, parents,students, and members of the community, all the proceeds from the Coffee House go towards funding The Review's publication.

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Hyde
Meeting Time: alternating Friday mornings 7:10 AM

The Rubik's Cube Club

Teacher Advisor: Dr. Horton
Student Leaders: Beck Peterson, JJ Stadler
Meeting Time: Wednesday Mornings in the Cafe


SADD is a nationally acclaimed non profit organization its stands for:Students Against Destructive Decisions. We're against any sort of life endangering decision.Focusing on: Drunk driving, Texting while driving, Speeding, Not wearing a seat belt, Binge drinking, Drug use.

We Plan on:

  • Hosting events (school assembly, prevention activities, etc.)
  • Having group discussions on prevention techniques
  • Watching videos/movies on the topic
  • Eating a delicious breakfast every meeting
  • Spreading the word/ promoting awareness
  • Going to national conferences
  • Participating in national competitions
Teacher Advisor: Mr. Murphy
Meeting Time:

Speech and Debate 

Bromfield Speech and Debate Club is a place where students come and learn how to craft arguments using both strong logic and facts, and they also use public speaking skills by presenting the arguments they make. We attend interscholastic competitions with other schools throughout the year, which generally take place on Saturdays. Speech and Debate Club is the experience of a lifetime.

Teacher Advisor: Mrs. Keating
Student Leaders: Carlisle Ferguson, Eric Xing
Meeting Time: Thursdays at 7:00 AM in Mrs. Keating's room (348)

Student Council

Voted for annually, two students are chosen to represent their class in aStudent Council, where they meet to discuss school issues, including concerns of the students and the administrators. Vice Presidents of theClass Officers are also required to attend Student Council meetings.

Teacher Advisor: Dr. Horton, Mrs. Dyer
Student Leader(s): Elected Officers
Meeting Time: Alternating Friday Mornings

Student Government

Every year for each grade, four members of each class are selected asPresident, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. One or two advisors(teachers) are selected to represent the class for all four years of high school. Class Officers are in charge of organizing class trips, such as Washington DC or New York City in addition to the Snow-Ball, Prom and Graduation. The group is also in charge of fundraisers such as dances, bake sales, etc. which lower the cost per individual on the above activities. The Snow-Ball, the winter semi-formal dance is hosted by the junior class and typically serves as a large fundraiser to provide for Prom and Graduation.

Teacher Advisor: Class Advisors
Student Leader(s): Elected Officers

Technology Club

Do you like solving problems with Technology? Do you like discussing Technology? Come join the Technology Club.
Teacher Advisor: Miss Cregan
Student Leader(s): Aaryan Bhatt
Meeting TIme: Every other Thursday at 7:10 in the Library 

Tri-M Music Honors Society

The Tri-M Music Honors Society was established in an effort to inspire music participation, strengthen the music program, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in music students at the Bromfield School. There are more than 5,500 chapters of the Tri-M MusicHonors society, as thousands of young students provide years of service through music in schools throughout the world. Student who would be interested in joining must fill-out an application form that will be reviewed by a faculty committee.

Teacher Advisor:

Varsity Math Team

Varsity Math Team meetings are practices for the various WorcesterCounty Mathematics League meets that take place throughout the year.

Student Leader(s):
Meeting Time:Mondays After school

World of Difference

The Institute's WoD Peer TrainingProgram provides Bromfield students with the "opportunity to initiate and sustain positive social change in their schools and communities."The Peer Training program is open to students in Grades 10-12.

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Bagatelle
Meeting Time: Peer Trainer meetings: Th mornings 7 a.m.; Peer Trainers lead workshops for Middle Schoolers during B, E or F Advisory Blocks.

World of Difference Overview
ADL's World of Difference Institute Summary
A World of Difference Peer Trainer Application 2013-14

Youth and Government

Youth in Government is a state program organized by the Massachusetts YMCA. In essence it is a simulation of the U.S. government; students play the role of members of government or related bodies, including legislators, executive officers, reporters, judges, and lobbyists. There are four conferences over the course of the year, three of which take place on Saturdays at various locations in Massachusetts. The last and longest conference takes place the second week in March at the State House in Boston. Bromfield’s Youth in Government branch would meet on a weekly or biweekly basis in order to prepare for these conferences.

One of the goals of Youth in Government is to promote and reward good character in the context of today's politics, stressing honesty, compassion, and tolerance. Furthermore, this program encourages civic involvement among today's youth in an academically rigorous environment. Participants will address current domestic and international issues from the position of well-informed government officials as they work together to solve a variety of social, economic, political, and environmental problems.

 Kristen McManus  and Kate Keane 
Meeting Time: Most Mondays at 7:15 AM in Room 393 (in the library)