Expository Writing (Grades 11 and 12
Course Credit:1/2
Duration:First semester – Seniors
Second semester - Juniors

Various forms of the essay (critical analysis, personal narrative, memoir, argumentation, definition, comparison/contrast and analogy) are the backbone of this first-semester course. Students work on personal statements, such as those required for college applications, and respond to literary selections and news and magazine articles on issues and topics that inspire purposeful expository writing.

Contemporary Fiction (Grades 11 and 12)
Course Credit:1/2
Duration:Second semester

Offered second semester. Contemporary Fiction is a survey course of post WWII American fiction. The short story and the novel are explored in terms of structure, theme, characterization and literary devices.

Possible Textbook Titles:
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, M. Haddon
Obason, Kogawa
A Prayer for Owen Meany, J. Irving
Cat’s Cradle, Vonnegut
Snow Falling on Cedars, Guterson
The Joy Luck Club, A. Tan
The Awakening, K. Chopin
Ceremony, Silko
Sophie’s World, Gaarder
Short Stories

Creative Writing (Grades 11 and 12)
Course Credit:1/2
Duration: First or Second Semester

Creative writing affords student writers experimental opportunities with a variety of genres, points of view, and narrat voices. A portfolio-assessment approach will leave students with a diverse collection of sample works. Conferencing personal reflection, and rubric design with assessment will guide writers through this odyssey into creative expression Students are encouraged to formally submit a portfolio piece in the writer’s market.

Journalism (Grades 10, 11 & 12)
Course Credit:1
Duration:Full Year

An elective for sophomores, juniors and seniors, journalism offers an introduction to journalistic writing techniques, journalism history, and an overview of the mass media. Students will write news, editorials, features, sports articles and reviews and will contribute to the publication of The Bromfield Mirror, the school newspaper, and other school publications.

Reading selections may include:
Journalism Today
The Boston Globe
The New York Times

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